ABEL develops and manufactures reciprocating positive displacement pumps for varying flow rates and pump pressures and specializes in diaphragm pumps. Depending on the design, they are suitable for abrasive, aggressive, and even shear-sensitive media. We are recognized around the world as the technological leaders in mechanical diaphragm pumps. Solids handling pumps (for paste-like and non-Newtonian media) and high pressure plunger pumps complete our range of products.


Our customers are active in the following fields:
- Mining
- Water and waste water management
- Ceramics
- Chemical industry
- Oil and gas industries
- Energy industry.


"If only our entire operation were as reliable as our ABEL pumps"


THE BEST FEATURE OF AN ABEL PUMP  is something that goes beyond its actual purpose all ABEL customers can rest assured that they have purchased the right product.


Depending on the medium to be pumped, ABEL membranes are
made from the most varied of materials – from NBR to PTFE.





Our pump program at a glance - PDF


ABEL manufactures diaphragm pumps with automatic pressure-flow regulation, specifically for filter press feed.  ABEL diaphragm pumps easily adapt to many types of media.  


ALREADY IN 1991, QUALITY MANAGEMENT (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001) was introduced and certified by Germanischer Lloyd.







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