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January 2018
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Waste Water Treatment

ARA Sarneraatal replaces rotary lobe pumps with efficient ABEL EM electric-diaphragm and HM piston-diaphragm pumps for uniquely difficult primary sludge transfer.

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  Coal Mining Operations

Pniowek Processing Plant installs an ABEL HMD piston diaphragm pump in parallel with centrifugal pump to reduce energy costs by about 70%.

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ABEL EM diaphragm pumps offer high operational reliability despite sludges that are difficult to pump


ABEL Hydraulic Piston Diaphragm Pump, model HMD-G-50-0500 as feed pump for chamber filter press


Waste Water Treatment


Generally speaking, primary sludge places high demands on pumping technology, and even more so when vacuum trucks are to be emptied. So as not to reach the load limit prematurely, it is vital to choose the correct pump.

A good example of this is ARA Sarneraatal. The vacuum trucks here regularly bring the contents of hotel kitchens. Fat, sizeable chunks of solid food, and other materials that are difficult to pump are the order of the day. ARA's two installed rotary lobe pumps really struggled with this in the truest sense of the word. Depending on the weather conditions, they had to absorb a considerable amount of additional sand in the wastewater. As a result, the rotary lobe pumps wore out quicker than average and caused in addition high maintenance costs dues to frequent unblocking and inspections.

ABEL hydraulic diaphragm pump

ARA Sarneraatal Places Trust in ABEL diaphragm pumps. The test installation of the first ABEL electric diaphragm pump model EM-050 in June 2007 was also the first step towards problem-free primary sludge pumping. Maintenance requirements fell sharply while operational reliability increased rapidly.

As no rotating parts in the diaphragm pump come into contact with the medium, wear and tear is barely discernible. This remains the case to date. The system runs 7 days per week.

A special feature of these pumps is the built-in flapper check valves, which allow larger particles to pass through without blocking the system. In comparison to ball valves, flapper check valves can cope with double the particle size.

In addition, "intelligent" pulsation dampeners have been built in, which automatically adjust themselves immediately to the changing pressure and therefore ensure an optimal pulsation dampening over the entire pressure range.

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Coal Mining Operations

Coal continues to be an important raw material. Specifically in Poland, the majority of energy is generated by converting coal into electricity. Mining operations must use the most modern technology in order for this process to run as efficiently as possible.

The Pniówek Processing Plant operates 9 chamber filter presses with 570 m³ (20,130 ft³) of filtration area each.

Before modernization, 2 centrifugal pumps were used for press feeding which were consuming 560,000 kWh/year of energy. Added to this were repair costs of approximately 27,000 EUR annually.

In 2012, the investor decided to change the existing system and reassess the requirements and objectives of the filter press feeding modernization project, most important of which was to reduce energy consumption and extend intervals between repairs.

Pniowek Mine in Poland

In December, 2012 PRO-INDUSTRY Sp. z o.o. Sp.k commenced the task and created a modernization project, which was implemented and at the beginning of 2013. The new filter press feed system added an ABEL positive displacement pump in parallel with the existing centrifugal pump.

This arrangement sought to improve overall efficiency by allowing the centrifugal pump to work within its optimal flow and pressure curve while shifting the higher-pressure duty to the ABEL pump.

The ABEL pump model HMD was selected for its abrasion resistant piston-diaphragm design and its energy efficiency. The ABEL pump performs at the capacity of 50 m³ / h (20 GPM) and a pressure of 15 bar (218 psi).

Installation of the ABEL pump exceeded all requirements set by the investor - shortening the filtration cycle by approx. 0.5 hrs., extending maintenance intervals of the centrifugal pumps, reducing consumption of stuffing box water causing dilution of the feed, significantly reducing noise in the pump station and most importantly, extraordinarily reducing energy consumption.

In addition, the flocculated structure of the filtered material was no longer dismantled and a shorter filtration cycle allowed the plant to remove one centrifugal pump from operation saving money.


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