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June 2014
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Gold Producer, Newmont Mining, improves thickener reliability with ABEL EM pump

Thickener concentrate is abrasive, and the pumping duty is a daunting task. Newmont needed a reliable solution to eliminate the excessive cost and downtime associated with their existing centrifugal slurry pumps. The ABEL EM electric diaphragm pump was the key to turning things around.

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  EM Electric Diaphragm pumps replace Rotary Lobes at Colorado Springs

For 30 years, Colorado Springs has relied on the durability of ABEL piston-diaphragm pumps to transport sludge 18 miles to the Hannah Ranch facility.  Now, the municipality calls on ABEL EM electric diaphragm pumps to take on applications where rotary lobe pumps just don't cut it.

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Newmont improves thickener underflow reliability with ABEL EM EM


Newmont Mining Corporation owns or controls something over 3000 square miles of land in Nevada stretching across the state along the I-80 corridor.


The heart of Newmont's Nevada operations is the Carlin mine with origins dating back to 1961 when geologists explored the high desert around the Tuscarora Mountains. Today some 20 additional gold deposits have been identified in this region northeast of Carlin which has become the richest gold deposit area in the Western Hemisphere.


Ore is processed in semiautogenous mills and reground in ball mills. Concentrate is partially dewatered in a thickener before being sent to the filter press circuit. Materials are pumped from the thickener underflow to the filter press holding tank at between 50% to 60% solids.


The Thickener concentrate is abrasive, and the pumping duty is a daunting task. Newmont was using centrifugal slurry pumps that had regular maintenance issues and required addition of seal water. This gold producer needed a reliable solution to improve downtime and reduce operating cost. Enter the ABEL EM.


The ABEL Difference


Newmont replaced their centrifugal thickener underflow pumps with ABEL's EM electric diaphragm pumps. One operating and one standby pump were installed. Each pump is capable of some 275 GPM at 50 psi and operate without any thickener cone dilution water or gland water which is typically required when using centrifugal pumps. The result, a higher density material now feeds the filter presses, improving efficiency and increasing production by reducing filtration time.


Operation of the ABEL model EM electric diaphragm pumps require considerably less operator attention and offer these advantages:

  • Low energy costs from high efficiencies
  • Low maintenance and inventory costs due to minimal wear parts
  • Greater application flexibility - The pump can be operated anywhere along its performance curve without adversely affecting efficiency
  • Easily portable in smaller sizes up to 50 GPM
  • Accommodate a wide range of particle size (3-25mm)
  • Wide range of materials of construction
  • Gentle pumping action ideal for shear sensitive media
  • Self-priming, sealless design
  • Can run dry indefinetly
  • Linear performance curve over entire operating range - A true PD pump
  • Designed for high and extended usage with lower part maintenance and energy consumption


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Colorado Springs use  ABEL EM electric diaphragm pumps to replace rotary lobe pumps


The Las Vegas Street waste water treatment plant in Colorado Springs, Colorado dates back to the early part of the 20th Century. In the early 1980s, the City needed to expand the plant and investigated ways to transport primary sludge across town to their Hannah Ranch, now Clear Springs facility 18 miles away for further processing.


Brown & Caldwell Engineers recommended and installed ABEL's hydraulic piston-diaphragm pumps for this service.





The ABEL piston-diaphragm pumps easily handle a total flow of 400 GPM against 400 psi service required for this duty. At these flow and pressure ranges, ABEL's technology was the preferred choice and the pumps continue to deliver 30 years later.


Given this success and with an eye to reducing operating and maintenance cost, the City focused on other positive displacement pumps in their plant. Rotary lobe, progressive cavity, and peristaltic pumps were being used to pump abrasive slurries. However, these pump designs have close-tolerance clearances that promote and accelerate abrasive wear.


The plant replaced (20) rotary lobe pumps with (10) ABEL EM electric diaphragm pumps on primary sludge service. The result was improved maintenance and more efficient operation.


Subsequently, (2) rotary lobe pumps used for dissolved air-flotation duty were replaced with large ABEL EM pumps resulting in much improved maintenance characteristics. (4) more ABEL EM pumps were added for thickened sludge transfer. Additionally, the North Side WWTP in Colorado Springs built in the mid-1990s features some (13) ABEL EM pumps used on sludge transfer services.


The Clear Springs (Hannah Ranch) facility still receives the plant product from ABEL piston-diaphragm pumps from 18 miles away but has added (11) large Abel EM pumps to their process and plans to acquire (4) more presently.


ABEL's EM series electric diaphragm pumps are the most efficient of any positive displacement design. The pumps can run dry indefinitely. There are no tight places that slurry encounters in its path through the pump. Therefore, the ABEL EM pumps are less subject to abrasive wear than any competing positive displacement design. Repair parts are in stock and consist of only diaphragms, check balls, and seats.


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