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November 2015
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ABEL pumps are found in difficult applications in nearly every industry. Below we showcase two more: one in Cement and one in Silica processing.


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ABEL in Cement

ABEL piston diaphragm pumps are used to feed recycled liquid fuels to rotary cement kilns, with dozens of cement plant installations worldwide

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  Improvements in Liquid-Solid separation

ABEL model EM electric diaphragm pumps
for recessed plate, Filter Press Feed

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Cement work in Switzerland.; Rotary kiln


Filter press feed pumps for silica processing plant in Havre de Grace, Maryland.


The application

In cement works, the rotary kiln is usually the heart of clinker production. Depending on the site and product range, marl lime, chalk or lime sand is placed in the kiln. The raw material is melted down at temperatures of more than 1400°C in order to produce the so-called cement clinker. Rotary kilns can be up to 100 m long with diameters of up to 5 m. Normally they have an incline of 3 - 4° along the whole length.


The kilns are frequently fired with hard coal. But in recent years there has been an increasing trend to use alternative fuels. These include not only animal charcoal and shredded tires but also used and reclaimed oil and solvents (RLF). By making use of these substances, for years the cement industry has made an active contribution to environment protection. 


The ABEL solution

ABEL piston diaphragm pumps, model CM, are used in various cement works all over the world to pump RLF alternative fuels to the burners of the rotary kilns. Robust, highly reliable and safe operating pumps are required in view of the differing composition of the various oils and chemicals which frequently cannot be specified precisely in advance.


The key features of these pumps include high dosing accuracy together with rugged resistance to fluctuating viscosities and high levels of suspended solid materials in the product.


The pumps also fulfill the European ATEX directive, which has been binding since July 2003. By using low electrically conductive plastics on the product side, it is possible to take account even of the special application “ex zone inside the pump“.




•   High reliability where prolonged continuous operation is required

•   Low wear with ideally rated diaphragm and product valve materials

•   Up to 95% volumetric efficiency thanks to special shaping of the diaphragm housing
     and diaphragm

•   Fulfils the strict requirements of 94/9/EC (ATEX)

•   Simplest adjustment to operating conditions through frequency control of the pump
•   Low maintenance due to minimal wear parts

•   High reliability thus only one double-acting pump piston required

Reliability is guaranteed due to the model CM’s unique double-diaphragm design and leak detection system.

Today dozens of cement works all over the world count themselves satisfied ABEL customers.



Rotary kiln




Improvements in Liquid-Solid separation

Huber Engineered Materials (HEM), located in Havre de Grace, Maryland, processes silica flour into a variety of Silica and Silicate products used in the Rubber, Paper, Chemical and Dental markets.  Havre de Grace is the first established plant in this business unit, and celebrated its 60-year anniversary in October 2012. A former whiskey distillery, the site now houses two manufacturing plants, a Technical Center for Silica Research & Development, and a pilot plant.


As part of the silicate process, a wastewater stream is generated containing unreacted silica which is reusable, as well as waste solids.  The effluent treatment system employs a variety of filters to separate the solids from the liquid streams. One of the filters was an aged vacuum belt filter used to separate solids and recover silicate water for reuse in the process.  The resultant filter cake solids were then further processed as a waste stream.



After a review of the separation system, the decision was made to replace the vacuum belt press with a recessed plate type filter press.  The filter press, which is a known technology for the plant, would provide more effective separation, yield improved cake dryness, and therefore maximize the amount of silicate water recovered for reuse.


The new filter press system would include two diaphragm pumps. Huber has typically used Air Operated Diaphragm (AOD) and centrifugal pumps within the process, and so these were evaluated.  In conjunction with the press OEM, diaphragm pumps were selected as the best applied technology for the process.  However, air usage and the subsequent cost were also of concern and so Huber explored the possibility of using electric driven diaphragm pumps in lieu of the AOD’s.   As a result, ABEL model EM pumps were chosen and installed in the process.

ABEL model EM pumps are used to feed a recessed plate filter press with an initial feed rate of 100 GPM up to 100 psi terminal pressure.   The filtrate is reprocessed while the filter cake is a waste product.


A year after start-up, the ABEL model EM electric diaphragm pumps perform with minimal wear part replacement. Along with the recessed plate filter press, the EM positive displacement pumps remove nearly 2 x more silicate water for reuse than the previous belt press system (an increase from 44% solids by weight filter cake, to 72% solids) than the previous belt press system.  The new system also promotes a cleaner environment around the process equipment, free from uncontained mud.



•   Best energy efficiency for filter press feed systems
•   Controllability with VFD
•   Long lasting, wear resistant diaphragms and elastomers
•   Designed specifically for abrasive slurries
•   High reliability
•   Low maintenance and operating cost
•   Superior service after sales support


One more reason we say that we are “ABEL to handle it”.

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