The membrane - the superior pump design principle.

ABEL specializes in reciprocating displacement pumps for varying flow rates and pump pressures. One of the company's core competencies is diaphragm pumps. Together with ABEL's usual quality standards, this design principle of the hermetically sealed pump is especially suited for abrasive, aggressive and even shear-sensitive media. Thanks to our technological advantage in mechanical diaphragm pumps, ABEL (has earned a well respected reputation around the world. Solids handling pumps (for paste-like and non-Newtonian media) and high pressure plunger pumps round off our range of high-capacity pumps.

At ABEL, our focus is on pump solutions that are especially reliable and energy efficient. We are noticing that more and more customers are opting for an ABEL solution. This is because experience and expertise are important criteria when purchasing custom solution projects, in addition to product characteristics such as longer service life, safety and reliability. Seamless service and expert advice from our experienced sales engineers are the standard at ABEL.

WE CONSTANTLY AIM for top performance in all aspects of our work - and not just in production. This includes:

  • Every pump is tested before delivery
  • We conduct our own research in fluid physics and metal stress
  • Comprehensive product documentation for all pump types
  • Extensive application consulting from our sales engineers
  • High degree of availability for spare parts (even for old pump types)
  • Product instruction and training courses
  • Lifetime service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 
  • Monitoring for particularly critical production applications

We also build pumps with special certifications for specific applications. Almost all of our pumps are available with ATEX certification. In fact, some of our products far exceed the standards of this directive. These are all good reasons as to why ABEL pumps last so much longer than normal pumps. Some ABEL pumps have been in use for more than 40 years and are still in operation today. This extra value makes ABEL the first choice among plant manufacturers and end customers from various industries throughout the world.

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The technology for long service life and low energy consumption. Diaphragm pumps completely separate difficult media from the driving pump mechanism. The medium and the hydraulic fluid do not come into contact with one another.