OUR VISION - QUALITY IN SOLUTIONS. Our customers have specific, often demanding tasks for their special applications. They expect a top-quality solution. We are more than willing to reward their trust in the ABEL name. And it is to this goal that we re-dedicate ourselves on a daily basis. We view this goal as quality in solutions.

OUR MISSION. ABEL is the leading company in the development, manufacture, sales and servicing of reciprocating displacement pumps for specific applications. Our products are developed and produced with the customer in mind, and they form the basis for growth, profitability, and competitive edge.

OUR STRATEGY. Newly designed products and services for new markets and applications form a solid strategy for our company so that our sales continue to grow. We achieve our productivity goals by continually improving processes and using the resources that are available in an efficient and cost-conscious way.

OUR VALUES. In any given company, people make the difference. We are constantly striving to improve so that we can remain successful and innovative over the long term. This applies to both the individual and the team level. These values include: RESPONSIBILITY, COURAGE, RESPECT, AND COMMITMENT.
We hold these values in high esteem and expect them from both ourselves and our business partners. We do our very best to make products with above-average quality, maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, and develop the best solution for our customers.

Simply put - it takes a special skill to recognize tomorrow's markets today and develop the right products to meet those demands.