Improving on what we already do.

ABEL is increasing its technological lead in reciprocating displacement pumps by developing more innovations. Since we focus on pump solutions that are especially reliable and energy efficient, our design and development engineers are primarily concerned with subjects related to materials testing and improving the overall efficiency of the electrical motor, the piston/connecting rod mechanism, and the membrane.

We also test new designs and materials with customers using their often difficult and aggressive media. The interaction of ideas and practical testing, combined with a refinement process and additional testing, has allowed us to considerably accelerate the process that is required to design and develop practical innovations. We are confident that we will continue to be able to provide unique innovations for the high-capacity diaphragm pump market.

MARINE PUMPS are a small, but integral component in the ABEL product range. Demanding navies order ABEL marine pumps because of their reliable construction and design, which have been widely recognized for many years. They are available as piston pumps or as centrifugal pumps with standard suction, with modular construction in both horizontal and vertical designs, for flange-mounted motors (with alternating or direct current), and as trim pumps, distilled water pumps, or cooling seawater pumps.

Overview of product features: 

  • Parts that come into contact with the products are made of seawater-resistant bronze or stainless steel
  • Single-action, unloaded mechanical seal, which can be replaced without having to disassemble the drive motor   
  • Standard-compliant suction and discharge nozzles (designed to meet the customers needs)
  • Shock-proof design, antimagnetic, low noise, low maintenance
  • Housing pressure up to 7.0 MPa / 1000 psi (standard)
  • Larger flow rates and delivery heads by request