ABEL iMPD intelligent pump pulsation damping.

Normal membrane pulsation dampeners are set to a specific pump pressure and need to be reset for different operating pressures. ABEL's intelligent, self-regulating system automatically adjusts pulsation dampening, even with changing operating pressures. To do this, the system is simply connected to a suitable compressed air network, or to a separate compressor with compressed air if the system pressure is not high enough.

FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLE: A scan records the charge state of the dampener. If the range either exceeds or falls short of optimum dampening, a control signal is sent to a pneumatic directional valve, which causes the dampener to be either charged or discharged. This maintains a balance between the operating pressure and the pressure required for the damping volume.

ABEL also offers a system for open pulsation dampeners (air chambers), which are often used for low operating pressures - for both the suction side and the pressure side. A fill level sensor coated with PTFE records the size of the existing air cushion and directly controls the air supply to the dampener.


  • Higher volumetric efficiency, quieter pump operation
  • Minimum pulsation and reduced vibration during transport means less wear to the pump and system
  • Steady volumetric flow