Pumps for your specific application.

Every ABEL pump can be adapted to meet the individual requirements of the application. Experience has shown that requirements for high capacity industrial pumps can vary greatly from application to application. This is why the purchase of an ABEL pump always includes consulting and advice from one of our experienced ABEL sales engineers.

This specialist will then provide you with advice for the duration of the project. If necessary, the consultant will visit your worksite to get a better picture of your system and the medium you are working with. This service is worth the effort. Choosing the pump concept that is right for you is greatly influenced by the service life and the overall economic efficiency.

We also build pumps with special certifications for specific applications. Many of our pumps are available with ATEX certification. In fact, some of our products far exceed the standards of this directive.

Specially designed slurry piston pumps with a pump capacity
of 450 m/h (2000 GPM) at pressures of up to 1.6 MPa (225 psi).

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