As much safety as you need

Depending on the task that the pump is performing, continuous, automatic monitoring of pump function and the level of wear and tear can make or break your operation. ABEL offers various monitoring systems to meet your requirements. These may include a simple message on an on-site panel located on the pump or in the control room, or even remote diagnostics via the Internet.
The ABEL monitoring system informs you of the current pump state using customer-specific deviations from the target state. The use of universal measuring software allows the system to be customized and enhanced. This system is Windows-based, so it is compatible with most monitoring systems.

The operating states of the pumps can be determined using the following interfaces.
Transmission interfaces: ISDN, UMTS, BUS connections, LAN
Output formats: e-mail, SMS (text message), fax, voice, warning signals at the pump itself

The display of closely staggered pump parameters allows for early detection of wear and tear, or errors. This means that you will be aware of potential production downtimes in advance, with enough time left to prevent them. In the event of a power outage, the system can automatically switch itself back on. The system can be updated via remote maintenance to implement updates.
The ability to avoid rigid service intervals is another benefit of ABEL monitoring. This means you can use materials more efficiently, especially valves and membranes. In other words, ABEL monitoring technology helps reduce costs over the long run.

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