1. Hotline expertise
Our Service Hotline (tel.: +49 (0)4155 818-333) gives customers the chance to speak with a specialist in order to locate the problem. The problem can often be fixed with one phone call.

2.  Service technicians are available around the clock, every day
Having a 24-hour service available at one's disposal makes customers feel more secure. An appointment with a service technician starts the path toward finding a solution to the problem. Remember: every minute counts.

3. Professional on-site maintenance and repairs
Our service team is made up of specially trained technicians who have the expertise needed to repair your system. Based on many years of experience, our service systematically analyzes the influences from peripheral equipment and the associated functional processes to ensure the highest level of reliability and functionality.

4. Maintenance and inspection
Experience shows that pumps that undergo routine checks provide the best return on investment. For this reason, we recommend that you document the overall state of the system on a regular basis. When unexpected signs of wear appear, you can then take the necessary steps in advance to avoid system downtimes. By the way, we offer extended warranty periods when you buy a new machine and enter into a maintenance agreement at the same time.

5. Service certification
Documented quality based on DIN/ISO shows you that the system was repaired in compliance with legal and environmental directives.

6. Original spare parts
Our service, combined with our certified original spare parts, ensures that your system will continue to operate in the future. This combination has greatly increased average service lives and kept operating costs to a minimum. Spare parts from other sources, which appear to be less expensive, can sometimes lead to increased operating costs after only a short time in use. Sometimes they even cause a complete system shutdown. You should definitely keep this from happening to you.

7. Performance check
Our service equipment was specially designed for performance tests and enables us to perform a thorough check on your system - either on-site or at our factory in Büchen. After the check, you are issued a status report (with inspection log) showing the current performance capacity of your system.