ABEL diaphragm pumps are the perfect choice for applications that involve fine ceramics, such as the manufacture of porcelain, tiles and sanitary products, as well as in the technical ceramics industry. They are far more resistant to highly abrasive ceramic masses than other pump designs. In particular, our piston diaphragm pumps from the HM and CM series are used to transport kaolin slurry and abrasive ceramic slurry at high pressure, e.g. on spray driers and chamber filter presses.

ABEL DIAPHRAGM PUMPS HAVE BEEN PROVEN RELIABLE AT PLANTS throughout the world when used to convey silicates, such as feldspar, quartz sand, or silicon carbide. They are mainly used as pumps for feeding spray driers, In contrast to diaphragm pumps that operate with compressed air, ABEL diaphragm pumps also require an extremely low amount of energy, which cuts overall costs by a considerable amount. 

Silica slurry

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