ABEL pumps have proven themselves especially powerful when used for various tasks in coal fired power stations throughout the world. One example is feeding filter presses with sludge from a flue-gas desulfurization plant. By now, ABEL diaphragm pumps of type CM and HM are used as a standard for high efficiency and long service life of pump components that are especially subject to wear, such as diaphragm and valves.
ABEL piston diaphragm pumps are also preferred where fly ash that is mixed with water has to be conveyed over greater distances. In contrast to centrifugal pumps, they can pump a higher solids content and are also more efficient, and therefore use considerably less electrical power. The media being conveyed can even contain a certain amount of coarse-grained ground ash. In order to prevent the sedimentation of the ground ash in the pump and valve housings, the pumps can be equipped with reversing valves, which cause the pump flow to move in accordance with the particles sedimentation velocity.
ABEL solids handling pumps in the SH series are especially suitable for placing dehydrated sewage sludge onto coal pulverizers for burning.
USE IN NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS. Our various diaphragm pumps have also proven their worth in the non-nuclear field, for conveying sludge and lime slurry. For more detailed information on this application, please contact one of our consulting engineers.

ABEL HM pumps pump fly ash with a dry-matter content
much higher than 60%