Gentle handling and hygiene are top priorities when using pumps to convey foods during the manufacturing process. The design concept of an ABEL diaphragm pump is ideally suited for this purpose. The hermetically sealed design, combined with a low stroke speed, is gentle on shear-sensitive foods that have a paste-like texture, such as yogurt, honey, and tomato paste. 

EVEN FRUIT PREPARATIONS THAT CONTAIN WHOLE STRAWBERRIES or cherries can be conveyed by ABEL diaphragm pumps with virtually no damage to the fruit. Pumps in our CM series are preferred for this application. ABEL HP and HPT pump are used in many plants in the food industry to convey margarine emulsion.

Of course, ABEL pumps that are used in the food industry are designed using stainless steel. Because of their design-related dry run capability and optimally smooth inner surface (even in the corners and at the part joints), ABEL diaphragm pumps are ideally suited for system cleaning.

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