High pressure pumps that run slowly and are especially robust are a big help when conveying abrasive ore slurry in mining applications. The hydraulic diaphragm pumps from the ABEL HM pump series meet the requirements of these challenging tasks in mines throughout the world. They also have a respectable service life. They are used as pumps for feeding filter presses, reactors or autoclaves, transporting mine slurry and tailings, and for mine dewatering and refilling.

Acidic ore slurry in nickel, copper and gold mines presents a special challenge. For these applications, ABEL provides pumps on which the parts that come into contact with the media are made of stainless steel or duplex stainless steel.

Because of the low pressure that is used, ABEL EM electromechanical pumps are suitable as discharge pumps for thickeners. By contrast, SH series pumps are the perfect choice for safely conveying viscous, paste-like mine slurry over a longer period of time.

Surface mining at a mine in southern Europe. Heavy-duty applications
are a routine matter for
ABEL pumps.

For some years now, a new trend has been observed, primarily at modern, efficiently run mines. They are moving away from centrifugal pumps, and instead using slow running, oscillating discharge pumps. The design-related disadvantages of fast running centrifugal pumps, with their high maintenance and repair costs, are now receiving greater consideration in investment decisions. Centrifugal pumps have a much lower overall efficiency, which is another reason why piston diaphragm pumps are preferred in mining.

YOU KNOW THE SOURCE. Part of the reason why ABEL is known for long service life and efficient maintenance at mines throughout the world is because the first pumps that the company made were used in German coal mines. Since then, Abel has constantly added to the its founders skills. That is why ABEL is still one of the best companies in this field.