ABEL pumps in the CM and HM series are perfectly designed for feeding filter presses. ABEL pump valves have a long service life and can safely convey sludge from pickling treatment, sedimentation and descaling.

Use the experience and expertise of our consulting engineers by having the pump and application parameters of your system analyzed. Your ABEL pump solution will then be designed in accordance with the specific materials and dimensioning that your system requires. Especially when dealing with abrasive media, the optimum relationship between flow speed, pipe cross-section and the texture of the medium greatly influences the pump system's technical and economical efficiency.
For cleaning applications at high pressures, such as when descaling continuous casting and slabs, ABEL pumps in the HP and HPT series (with pressures up to 25.0 MPa / 3625 psi) have proven themselves well.

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ABEL pump are used in steel works throughout the world.